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Food Safety in times of global markets

In times of global markets and increasingly complex customer-supplier relationships food safety standards help to fulfill the existing challenges at the best possible rate. Compliance with the provisions and the practical implementation of these standards are monitored by independent audits. Clear criteria not only enable an objective assessment and classification of the company, but also give information about the individual development of an organization compared to previous audits.

Food safety standards contribute to helping food producers and retail trade to better guarantee safety of their products and enable independent monitoring in audits. Availability of common standards recognized world-wide and a uniform method for assessing the quality level have particularly driven development. Up to now it is, above all, manufacturers of private labels have been required to evidence food safety as well as compliance with relevant legislation and specifications to trade. Now all the organizations active in the food chain are gradually being involved.

Food Safety

As a competent and reliable partner Quality Austria provides audits on the basis of all major food safety standards, which are performed by sector-specific highly qualified auditors.

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