Gesamtlehrgang Systemmanager Qualität QMGS

Dieser Lehrgang vermittelt die für den Systemmanager Qualität erforderlichen Kompetenzen schnell und in komprimierter Form.

Den Lehrstoff bilden die Inhalte der sechs Lehrgänge der Lehrgangsreihe Qualitätsmanagement QM

  • Integriertes Managementsystem - Anforderungen (IMS),
  • Qualitätsmanagementsysteme (QMS),
  • Integriertes Managementsystem - Methoden und Werkzeuge (IMSA),
  • Statistische Methoden zur Entscheidungsfindung (QME),
  • Integriertes Managementsystem - Unternehmensentwicklung (IMSU) und
  • Qualitätsmanagementsysteme - Projektmanagement (QMSPR).

Der Lehrgang wird in drei Teilen durchgeführt, beinhaltet aber nicht die Prüfung Systemmanager Qualität.

Job profile

Job profile Quality Systems Manager

Quality Systems Managers have, in addition to Quality Management Representatives, the knowledge and qualification necessary to develop a quality management system towards sustainable business success of the organization, while taking into account the requirements of interested parties, market requirements and the organization’s context. They know about advanced management approaches, apply these approaches in their organization and support decision-making in this matter. By understanding models and systems, Quality Systems Managers are able to integrate the requirements of different Standards into the organizational management system. They can also fulfill the tasks of an audit program manager. By applying appropriate methods, incl. the application of statistics, Quality Systems Managers are able to analyze, evaluate and present quality-relevant data and provide the outcomes for decision-making. They identify customer interests and represent them within the company. They provide information on quality-related topics, give advice, train personnel at all levels on this matter, and support the implementation of a quality management system.

Struktur des Gesamtlehrgangs

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Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety, Information Security, Risk and Business Continuity Management Systems.

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