Integrisani sistem menadžmenta

Examination Lead Auditor

QMALP | 1 dan


The contents of the examination relate to the courses

  • Auditor (QMA)
  • Lead Auditor (QMAL)
  • Qualification in accordance with the courses
    • Auditor (QMA)
    • Lead Auditor (QMAL)
  • Valid qualityaustria certificate
    • Quality Systems Manager or
    • Quality Systems Manager with focus on healthcare or
    • Quality Systems Manager (with focus on food safety) or
    • Quality Systems Manager (with focus on medical devices) or
    • Environmental Systems Manager or
    • Environmental Systems Manager (with focus on energy) or
    • Occupational Health and Safety Systems Manager or
  • Equivalent EOQ certificate
  • Written proof of 4 years practical professional experience in a specialists or technical position, which includes problem solving, decision making and communication with other managers or stakeholders as well as organisation of a working group in operational processes.
  • Implementation of audit activities, which means performance of at least 4 complete system or process audits in the respective management field of 20 days in total (minimum 12 days on site) within the last 3 years before certification. Out of these 4 audits, 3 audits have to be performed as audit leader (min. duration: 15 days, at least 9 days on site and 5 days as a team leader).

The written examination consists of multiple-choice questions and takes 60 minutes followed by a practical case study example in which an audit is simulated (role play) and for which an audit plan and report must be produced (duration: 60 minutes).

The oral examination consists of a simulated audit situation (duration: 15 minutes).


Upon successful completion of the examination and submission of verification of practical experience, the candidate will receive the qualityaustria certificate for Lead Auditor according to the focused field.

Additionally the EOQ Quality Lead Auditor, EOQ Environmental Lead Auditor, EOQ Occupational Health and Safety Lead Auditor, EOQ Food Safety Auditor certificates can be issued on request.

Holders of all three Lead Auditor certificates (Quality/Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety) can obtain the certificate Integrated System Lead Auditor on request free of charge.

Validity of Certificate

3 years

Criteria of extension
  • Proof in the form of a confirmation by the employer/contractor about at least 3 completed system audits in the respective field of at least 15 days in total (minimum 9 days on site) within the last 3 years. Out of these 3, at least one has to be performed as Lead Auditor.
  • Refresher course for Quality Managers and Quality Auditors in general (RQA) or with a free choice of main course focus or appropriate qualityaustria training.
  • Quality Managers and Auditors with an additional automotive internal auditor qualification may alternatively attend the refresher course for Quality Managers and Auditors with focus on the Automotive industry (RQA-A).
  • The exact timing of the assessment days is dependent on the number of participants and may differ from the mentioned times.
  • If the proof of practical experience is only provided for “Auditor”, the participants will receive the certificate “Auditor” after successful completion of the examination. If the proof of practical experience is missing, the respective certificate will be issued with the corresponding Auditor candidate status. As soon as Quality Austria will receive the proof of practical experience, the certificate will be upgraded free of charge.