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Internal Auditor – Compact

IAK | 1 dan

Internal Auditor - Compact


In this compact course, the participants will obtain basic knowledge in conducting internal audits. The course series will be completed by taking an exam.


Visit of the course "Quality Management Representative – Compact“.

Target group

Employees of operating areas, case workers, group leaders and department managers of all business units, who have visited the course Quality Management Representative - Compact QBK.

  • ISO 19011
  • Principles of auditing
  • Opening and closing meeting
  • Sampling procedures
  • Inspection procedures during the audit
  • Creation of audit reports
  • Saw-tooth effect
  • The up und downsizing effect
  • Quick scan audits

The course “Internal Auditor – Compact“ is excluded from the qualityaustria bonus system.

Exam Internal Auditor Compact - IAK


The content of the exam refers to the course Internal Auditor - Compact (IAK).


Training according to the Course Internal Auditor – Compact (IAK).


The written examination will be conducted at the end of the course and consists of multiple-choice questions. Duration: 30 minutes


The examination fee is included in the course fee.


After successful completion of the examination, the participants will receive the certificate “Internal Auditor – Compact” only if the participants have passed the exam “Quality Management Representative – Compact” or the participants already have a valid certificate „Quality Management Representative – Compact”

and the corresponding IQNet certificate.

Validity of Certificate

5 years

Criteria of extension
  • Proof (e. g. confirmation by the employer, interim certificate, self-declaration) of 3 years of professional experience within the last 5 years.
  • Refresher Course for Quality Management Representatives (RQB)

Registration for the course is also valid as a registration for the examination.