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Internal audits and suppliers audits

IILA | 2 dani


Participants of the "Internal audits and supplier audits" seminar are taught the most essential basic skills for proper internal auditing. They learn how an audit process is designed, how added value is generated and how audit reports are formulated correctly.

Furthermore, key concpets are annotated and the most important audit effects are described.


No specific professional knowledge required, but interest in carrying out internal audits and / or supplier audits.

Target group

Employees who are intended to perform internal audits and/or supplier audits competently.

  • Audit-related terms, Audit process, normative basics
  • Types of an audit , Methods of an Audit and test procedures
  • Preparing audit reports, incl. correct formulation of nonconformities and hints (improvements)
  • The pillars of supplier audits (key requirements of the ISO 9001 standard)
  • Quick scan audits; The up und downsizing effect
  • Saw-tooth effect; Questioning technique