Integrisani sistem menadžmenta

Lead Auditor

QMAL | 1 dan


Based on the course Auditor, this course will convey competences for leading audit teams, additional knowledge of auditing of integrated management systems, auditing focused on added value, special audit methodology, and rules of the relevant accreditation norms.

  • Attendance of the course Auditor (QMA)
  • Valid qualityaustria certificate
    • Quality Systems Manager or
    • Quality Systems Manager with focus on healthcare or
    • Quality Systems Manager (with focus on food safety) or
    • Quality Systems Manager (with focus on medical devices) or
    • Environmental Systems Manager or
    • Environmental Systems Manager (with focus on energy) or
    • Occupational Health and Safety Systems Manager or
  • Equivalent EOQ certificate
Target group

Senior and junior manager who aim to evaluate, assess and improve management systems regardless of the type, structure or size of the organisation.

  • Leading an audit team
  • Up- and downsizing effect
  • Auditing of integrated management systems
  • Auditing focused on added value
  • SOS Audits
  • SGU Audits
  • Quick scan audits
  • ISO 17021
  • Case study with solutions